About Us

      Kathleen Cayer Has been Crafting Ash Baskets since 20--, Along with fine hand-crafted Leather Moccasins which are designed and crafted by the Cayer Sisters for years. We also offer a variety of Arts and Crafts, Jewelry and Clothing Accessories 

     The process of making an Ash Basket consists of harvesting a Mature Black Ash Tree, with little to no knots. The Main log From the stump up, Depending on the length of the tree, one tree may produce several logs at 8 to 10 feet. These lengths are best for this process. The Baskets are made from the growth strips of these lengths. Which are pounded out with a wooden mallet to sepceific lengths and widths. These strips can then be dyed for colour and used for the materials in weaving these Baskets